Shuofang Headlamp Review

the shuofang headlamp

In the market for a new headlamp for your camping and hiking adventures?
Look no further than the Shuofang headlamp with a built-in USB rechargeable 2000mAh battery.

I’ve had this headlamp for a few months now and it’s used on hiking excursions, nights out camping and on night sky photography events. It sees a lot of use and it keeps going strong – and the best part of it all is that it cost a fraction of the price of ‘box store’ brand name products.

It has too many light modes to mention here, but the important ones are the main CREE light, the dual white LED’s and the dual red LED’s. The main light and dual white LED’s are dimmable by holding the power/mode cycle button for a few seconds.

headlight DSC_6398

The modes are cycled by pressing and long pressing the only button on the headlamp, which can lead to some frustrations if you get into a ‘flashing/SOS’ mode accidentally, and to top it off, the instructions aren’t all that clear – but should suffice to get you back on a pattern you will use the most.

In this photo, I’ve used the red LED’s for a bit of foreground lighting.

When in full brightness mode, it’s quite bright.
I don’t know the lumen count, but I’ve skipped using most of my flashlights when wearing this headlamp.

hitchhiking the galaxy

Of course, there are always changes in technology, and you may want to do your own research before purchasing the Shuofang headlamp.

Amazon is a great resource for researching options and prices. Click here for a wide selection of headlamps. Looking to jump right to current pricing on the Shuofang headlamp? Click here for the details.

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