Sand on Whyte (2015)

Sometimes, we stay close to what’s currently called home in Edmonton Alberta.

This weekend, we took a Sunday afternoon walk down Whyte Ave to experience “Sand on Whyte” – an annual sand carving exhibit. It’s a small exhibit, but certainly quite interesting to see these artists at work, shaping and molding piles of sand into some interesting creations.

The photos are all below, so enjoy. These are works of art, all in progress as I write this, so if you’re in Edmonton before July 12th, stop around and check out the finished work!

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair to me!”
1024 - ve - rapunzel DSC_7955

More of the Castle of Rapunzel
1024 - ve - rapunzel castle DSC_7957

I haven’t figured out if this guy is a troll or an ogre – any ideas?
1024 - ve - troll or ogre DSC_7998

Regardless, check out the incredible detail:
1024 - ve- troll or ogre sand on whyte DSC_7963

I haven’t figured out where this is from… Sleeping Beauty perhaps? Was she on a throne of thorns though?
1024 - woman on throne of thorns DSC_8003

A zebra starting to show his (or her) stripes
1024 - ve - in progress zebra DSC_8008

Some Angry Birds in progress
1024 - angry birds in progress DSC_7977

1024 - ve - angry birds 3 DSC_8013

As I mentioned, work is in progress. If you’re in Edmonton (or close by), get your self down to Whyte ave and have a look at the progress on these amazing sand sculptures. Grab some photos and reply in the comments below with the current status, or jump over to our Facebook page to comment and add some photos too!

1024 - ve - more angry birds with tool DSC_8016

Eager to get out and explore too? You don’t always need to run away hundreds of miles, or make it a long-term adventure. Day trips can be really exciting “microadventures“, so get out there and explore!

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