Rotopax Water Mount

Having an overland outfitted Jeep means I want (and need) to carry extra supplies.
One of the most important ‘extras’ to have with you is water.

In addition to having a method of collecting and purifying water, some on board clean drinking water is a must and I’ve chosen to carry four gallons of clean potable water with Rotopax containers.

Four gallons of water in a couple of containers, bouncing around in a vehicle isn’t the safest thing you can have sitting loose in case of a roll over, so I requested the assistance of a local gentleman who does a wide variety of custom metal work.

A simple piece of metal, 4mm thick was cut and bent into shape so I could bolt it to the Synergy Baja Rack.

1024 - ve - rotopax mount bracket IMG_20150501_192307

Holes were then drilled and the Rotopax base plate was mounted into position.

1024 - ve - bracket with mount IMG_20150501_193924_hdr

Fill up the water containers and slide them into position. Attach the handle and now the Rotopax containers are securely locked into place.

Shown below is one of the containers mounted and ready for adventuring.
The Rotopax extension piece was later installed to support both of my two gallon water containers.
1024 - ve - water rotopax DSC_3468

If you’re in the market for Rotopax containers and mounting accessories, be sure to shop at Amazon for some great deals! Click here to jump to the Rotopax collection.

3 thoughts on “Rotopax Water Mount”

  1. Gary says:

    Good idea. Did you think of putting it on the other side? Thinking for better vision for checking your blind spot and the gas tank is on that side also. Try to offset the weight

    1. ej says:

      Due to my typical gear load out, I don’t see much out that right rear side window anyway so the Rotopax water containers here aren’t an issue.

      That being said, I do plan on moving them to the left side – as you mentioned, the bulk of the fuel tank is on the right side of the Jeep, and when combined with my Teraflex tailgate hinge, the hilift jack and my spare fuel container, I have a very heavy right side. I’m hoping that the four gallons of water on the left side will help balance things a bit better.

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