QuickFists and Tube Clamps

I’ve been after a lower cost method of putting a shovel on the gobi roof rack than the gobi branded shovel mount. Quick Fists seem to get great reviews, and I’ve been using KC Hilites light tabs for my Rigid SRM ‘camp’ lights for some time.

Put the two together and now I’ve got a low cost, no-drill method of mounting items on the roof rack that a Quick Fist will hold down.

You’ll need the KC tube clamps (good price on Amazon), you may need to get a different size if you have a different rack, but the 1″ clamps work on the upper Gobi bar…
KC Hilites light tabs

I’ve used the regular sized QuickFists (holds items 1″ to 2.25″ and up to 25lbs).


Grab some #10 bolts from your local hardware store and put them together. I’ll post up an ‘in use’ photo this weekend.

2 thoughts on “QuickFists and Tube Clamps”

  1. ewhite37 says:

    Great idea9s) that I’ll be using myself. Great thread (found it from the Jeep Forum posts). Question on this one, however… No whistling or noise on the highway with these clomps on?

    1. ej says:

      No noise that I’ve noticed as of yet. I don’t have anything mounted in them yet, and maybe I’ll notice noise then. If I get out and about this weekend, I’ll be mounting a small shovel and will update the post with a photo and additional notes.

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