Pine Needle Tea

Out camping or backpacking and looking for a refreshing hot drink loaded with vitamins? Nature can provide exactly what you’re looking for with a hot mug of pine needle tea.

I won’t delve into all the claims and benefits of pine needle tea, but rest assured, it’s loaded with vitamin C and A. Early settlers actually drank pine needle tea to ward of scurvy. If you do a bit of other research you’ll find claims to it helping with everything including cancer.

The process to brewing a cup of pine needle tea is pretty simple.

Pick some pine needles:
making pine needle tea

Clean and trip the ends:
making pine needle tea

Chop them up a bit:
making pine needle tea

Add to boiling water, cover and let steep for a few minutes:
making pine needle tea

If you find white pine, identified by its long needles, grouped into fives – it is your best and safest pine to make tea from. I’d recommend picking from pine trees away from busy road ways where pollution from passing vehicles will settle onto the needles.

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  1. We’ve done it with Spruce needles too. I find the taste sort rootbeer-ish, but subtlety so.

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