airing down is important on the trails. We use the Currie air down tool

Do you even “Air Down”?

Airing down your tires prior to hitting the trail is important for your overland vehicle.  You’ll get a smoother ride and much improved traction.  If you haven’t aired down and are stuck in the mud, snow or sand, you might want to get out and air down – quite often…

VagabondExpedition - overlanding in a Jeep Wrangler

Blog Updates

Wow. Ten entire months since I’ve last posted on the blog. I really need to make a schedule and post regularly, but then, adventure (and work) gets in the way and I end up changing the article draft to “due today” to “due someday”. None-the-less, I’m going to restructure the…

Adventure Photography - underwater in this case

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography… The VagabondExpedition team, in conjunction with is almost always out on an adventure photography assignment somewhere, but we’re available for hire for your company or personal needs. Whether video or photography, underwater or on the top of a mountain, we can be your adventure photographers of choice….

Five Pitfalls of Being an Adventurer

We’re always hearing comments about how great it must be to be so adventurous and to be off on new adventures regularly. However, exploring new places, getting into new adventure activities and pushing the limits of what we already do is unfortunately not always as glamorous as it might seem….

The VagabondExpedition Overland Jeep parts ways with our Tepui roof top tent for 2017 and beyond. Although we love RTT's, here's why we parted with ours.

5 Reasons I Sold the Roof Top Tent

Reluctantly, I’ve made the decision that going forward into 2017, the VagabondExpedition Overland Jeep will no longer be sporting our loved Tepui brand Roof Top Tent. We’ve gotten lot’s of use out of the roof top tent, but here are my 5 reasons while I sold it. 1. It’s big,…