Knowing Your Jeep 4WD system

I’m always surprised at the number of newer Jeep drivers that ask me about their four-wheel drive system and when to use it, how to shift into it and what it can get them through.

If you’ve got a Wrangler JK/JKU, you’ll be running the Command-Trac four-wheel drive system and if you have the Rubicon it’s the Rock-Trac system (lower gear ratio in 4 low, locking differentials and electronic sway bar disconnect). The Command-Trac is a very versatile system and has yet to leave me stuck in a situation where lockers would have helped. Since I’m not doing any hardcore rock crawling, I don’t really need the front & rear lockers just yet.

Here is a helpful YouTube video that you should watch through to get an understanding of your Jeep’s system. Remember to ignore the part about lockers if you’re not driving a Rubicon.

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