Jeep Side Marker Lights

Today, I had a plan to replace the stock side marker filament bulbs with LED replacements.

Above left is the stock filament bulb… above right is the new LED bulb.
As you can likely guess from the lack of improvement, I’m sticking with the OEM filament bulb for now. The LED was just not very bright, and is too white. I need an brighter amber LED bulb.

Here is the type 194 bulb I used:

This bulb type worked well for my license plate bulb replacement project, but for the amber tinted side markers, it just isn’t good enough.

As far as replacing these bulbs, it is quite easy… just reach up in behind and give the assembly about a half turn and pull it straight out.

You’ll have this in your hand:

There is a tab on the grey part you can push down and then pull the bulb and black assembly apart. I did this, just so I could apply some dielectric grease to the connector to keep any corrosion at bay.

The bulb itself pulls straight out from the black part of the assembly, just be gentle about it!

Insert your LED replacement bulb and put it all back together.

In my case, it came apart and the OEM filament bulb went back into place for now. Anyone with some suggestions on a good LED type 194 amber bulb would be?

2 thoughts on “Jeep Side Marker Lights”

  1. Gary says:

    LED bulb and no improvement! That is disappointing.

    1. ej says:

      It’s just the wrong bulb for the job. I’ll source something better (brighter and amber) and update my article with what I find.

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