Hot Apple Cobbler

Depending on timing of my adventures, and what I’ve got with me in the Jeep, food choices will occasionally end up being a re-hydrated meal.

The recent weekend adventures at Waiparous had me short on time to visit a grocery store, so dinner included the hot apple cobbler desert from Backpacker’s Pantry. (click here to see on Amazon).

I should have read the instructions on this one before packing it up in the Jeep. It’s rather involved – far to involved if you’re looking for some food rather quickly, and if you were out backpacking you definitely don’t want this one on your list of food items.

Prep is very time consuming, requires two pans – and when it says use non-stick, they really mean non-stick – the sugars burn to the pot rather quickly! Taste is poor, and really loaded with sugar.

There are a lot of other great food items to consider (see other Backpacker’s Pantry items here) but the Hot Apple Cobbler is one I wouldn’t recommend.

640 - ve - food - apple cobbler  IMG_20150328_200021

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