For the birds…

I’m not really a bird person, although growing up, I did think it would be cool to have a hawk as a pet, and I often day dreamed of him flying high above me on my walk to school – swooping down for the occasional morsel of food, or just for the fun of it.

Regardless, I do thoroughly enjoy trying to get interesting photographs of birds (and other animals) on my journeys.  I’m going to make an attempt at identifying these birds too.

Here are a few interesting photos to date.  Feel free to comment about anything, and if I haven’t identified the bird yet and you know what it is, I welcome your comments!  My featured photo above, is that of a Canada Goose I caught just after ‘take-off’, on a hike in Vancouver (November 2014).

hiking around edmonton parks

Downey Woodpecker

hiking around edmonton parks

No idea what this bird is (in flight)


American Crow







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