Bison Loop Road – Waterton Alberta

Heading to Waterton to take in the scenery?
Be certain to jump on Bison Loop Road at the Bison Paddock just out-of-town.

There is no guarantee you’ll see anything too exciting, but there is at least opportunity – and it’s free.

I recorded a short video from the top of the Jeep with the GoPro camera while there, and although the video isn’t all that exciting, there were some smaller Bison I was able to get a few still shots of.

You’ll want a good camera with a decent telephone lens, just in case the animals aren’t close. Unfortunately, I was still running my point & shoot at the time.

waterton - canmore - banff - jasper - hwy 11

A lone bison grazing on the hill:
waterton - canmore - banff - jasper - hwy 11

A young bison takes a curious look at the Jeep:
waterton - canmore - banff - jasper - hwy 11

When driving the Bison Paddock, please remember to #treadlightly and don’t feed the animals! These also aren’t your pets, so please stay in your vehicle… I can’t imagine a charging Bison to be a particularly enjoyable experience!

Bison or Buffalo?
Wikipedia describes the term “buffalo” as a misnomer for this particular animal, and that it should be properly referred to as a ‘bison’.

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