Big Horn Sheep Crossing

A drive through Alberta’s Highway 11, or the other popular mountain roads will no doubt have you coming close to the big horn sheep.

Most notably in Jasper and Highway 11 area, they seem quite oblivious to the traffic snarls and curious tourists snapping away many photos.

april 2014 - hwy 11 alberta

Click the photo below and enlarge it on your screen – can you see them lounging on the rocks?
sugar bowl grizzley den, british columbia june 2013

It was the first weekend out with the GoPro camera and I managed to capture some video with the Big Horn Sheep as they ran across the road. I’m playing with different mounting options for the GoPro, and this was taken from on the top of the roof rack of the Jeep.

When travelling through the area, bring a good camera with a good telephoto lens. You don’t want to get out on the road with the potential of aggravating these guys. Getting slammed in the chest by those horns could do some damage!
highway 11, crescent falls and nordegg alberta

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