Airport Annoyances

frustrations of airline travel

If you are an air traveler, I’m certain you can relate to these airport annoyances.
Here is an open letter to “that” traveler that was in front of me at the #yeg airport a few weeks ago.

Dear inconsiderate air traveler,
Have you never flown before, or perhaps had an issue thinking that all the signs maybe don’t pertain to you at all? I stand behind you and wonder why you, yes you, are still wearing all your bling – your belt, watch, jacket, and yet you’re standing in the line complaining to your travelling companion about the security screening wait time.

You the took three tries going through the metal detector, then still needed your carry on searched because you had full size liquids in it that you originally said you had none of. Remember those signs I mentioned? I guess they did pertain to even you for some odd reason. You speak English, so I don’t think there is a language barrier and to top it off, as the security screening line slowly progressed, you had ample opportunity to observe the deficiencies the other passengers had – some of the same ones as you’re presenting – and to correct those problems and to prepare for what should have been a quick and no-hassle pass through of the screening process.

Oh gawd, don’t tell me we’re on the same flight too? I thought I had a nice quiet spot to sit and read while waiting at the gate. Hopefully you and your companion are sitting far enough away from me that I don’t need to listen to your constant whine about what’s wrong with everything and everybody while on the plane..

By the way, you forgot to put your trash where it belongs when they called us for boarding. You were the first one up out of your seat, and had lots of time – especially since the trash and recycling bins where right on your way to the boarding gate. There is no reason to not #treadlightly everywhere you go.

airport annoyances - people leaving trash behind and not treading lightly

I’m also guessing, that with all that soda, you’re going to be up to the lavatory every few minutes too. I sure hope you pre-booked an aisle seat so you’re not inconveniencing anyone beside you. Of course, it’s also nice to see you’ve over filled your carry on and are struggling to find a spot to get it to fit in the overhead bin.

I finally get past you so I can find my seat. I hear you muttering to the flight attendant about how much you hate flying. I honestly can not possibly begin to imagine why.

All the other people,
subtly shaking our heads at you.

Do you have some interesting and frustrating airport annoyances to share? Post in the comments below!

One thought on “Airport Annoyances”

  1. Chad says:

    Spot on! They should post this in every airport; but then again, they wouldn’t read it. Lol

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