A Simple Awning Mod

Jeep owners don’t want to hear new noises and a new noise was the case shortly after I installed the Smitybuilt awning a few weeks ago.

I had been hearing a ‘jingly’ sound and it finally dawned on me that the zipper pulls were hitting together while driving. A pair of snips and a few inches of paracord quickly solved the problem.
awning mod 20150515_150900

First, cut off the existing zipper pulls with your snips.
Be careful that you don’t damage the actual zipper or zipper mechanism.
awning mod 20150515_150931

Cut a few inches of paracord and pull through the zipper mechanism where the metal pulls were located.
Tie in a knot and seal the ends with a lighter.
awning  mod 20150515_151636

If you’re looking for a good deal on paracord, I get mine off Amazon.. click here for details.

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